Best way to transfer money from UK to Australia

Finding the best way to transfer money internationally means considering things such as how much money you need and how fast you want it to be transferred. The fact is that banks and wire money transfer agencies make good profit from exchange rates and the fees for each transaction. This is money that you would definitely save if you employ the services of a foreign exchange broker. What makes using an fx broker the best way to transfer money from UK to Australia?

Competitive Exchange Rates
By far, one of the things that makes the services of a forex broker most appealing is the savings you can accrue in the money transfer rate. By comparison, their rates can be as low as three or four percent cheaper than going with a bank, for example. Depending on how much money you need to transfer, this could mean hundreds or thousands of Australian dollars extra on the other end.

Low Fees
Many people looking to transfer money from UK to Australia opt for a forex broker because of the comparatively lower fees associated with sending money overseas. Consider that the more money you need to transfer, the less you are likely to end up being charged to do so. This is most beneficial for individuals who need more than AUD1,000, for example, for anything from paying a deposit o a new property rental, or up to making a down payment on a house. In fact, with most brokers, a transfer exceeding a particular dollar amount will be done free of cost.

Personalized Service
Once you choose to accept the services of a currency transfer broker you can benefit from one-on-one consultations with a currency expert who is familiar with the fluctuations of the currency markets. These individuals make it their business to study the markets. You can have a foreign exchange rates comparison done on your behalf, thus saving yourself the hassle, especially if you are not very familiar with forex. Your personal broker can also offer sound advice on the best time to carry out your currency exchange so that you benefit from the most attractive rates.

Customizable Options
Regular customers and corporate clients can enjoy a range of services that will save them money in the long run and keep them coming back. The service each client receives is tailored to individual needs, whether you are a private individual or a business sending millions of pounds or dollars in currency transfers. Some brokers will allow you to choose and lock into an exchange rate and can also arrange to transfer funds on your behalf, when the timing is right.

Extra Perks
Unlike primary transfer agencies, an fx broker offers greater flexibility. They are more likely to offer 24-hour service and promote online transactions. Clients benefit from securely encrypted systems over which you can send money online directly to the broker, who in turn, can transfer it direct to bank.